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Significantly Reduced

  • Year: 1948
  • Current Price: EUR  133,000
  • Located in Baltic Sea, Germany
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel
  • YW# 75498-3225926
  • Courtesy of the BoatWizard MLS

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Hatecke 50 - JUST REDUCED FROM EUR 197,000 - due to purchase of new boat!


Owned and restored by a leading German Surveyor - his passion and fastidious attention to details abundant showing in every area of this stunning Yawl.

Construction: steel hull on steel frames with teak deck on plywood


This classic sailing yacht has been built in 1948 by Ernst Hatecke shipyard in Germany. Her first owner was Dirk Schlobohm, an entrepreneur from Bremerhaven, Northern Germany, who was owning one of the most successful private coffee factories in Germany at that time. Schlobohm was a passionate yachtsman himself and built the yacht as a real racing yacht, in order to meet with the standards and requirements of regattas: fast, robust and easy to handle. He sailed the yacht successfully in various regattas in the North- and Baltic Sea. In the early 60ies, the boat was sold and served the German Navy as a training ship, before she was decomissioned and retired from service in 2009. The young naval cadets were trained before going on bigger ships such as Gorch Fock. The navy also appreciated the distinguished sailing characteristics of the boat and was regularly partaking in races, which the crew specifically trained for. A demanding issue for both man and boat, always close to the wind and under full sails. Since autumn 2010 the yacht is privately held and berthed on the Baltic Sea.


During the last seven years since the yacht is again privately owned it has been untertaken a comprehensive and profound restoration. Despite her age the yacht basically still got the original layout and also the interior was almost completely conserved. Most of the compartments has been stripped bare to the hull, furniture, ceilings, floors been completely removed in order to derust for anticorrosion works of hull and bilges before insulating with aluminum laminated rockwool. In ther restored ares all wooden parts were properly refurbished and varnished and new wooden floors were laid.

The yacht got new pipes and hoses and a modified bilgepump and greywater system in form of an automatic grey water tank, to keep the bilges all dry and prevent from corrosion.

The engine got a complete overhaul in 2011. The engine room got insulated and encased from outside and got partly new special engine room insulation.

Hull and cockpit saw some steel works, where small plates were exchanged and not used outlets were closed for safety reasons.


The yacht is very well maintained and her appeal lies in her elegant lines as well as in the fact that her clean set up allows for sailig her by two persons only.

Together with her layout that stands out through an impressive spacious saloon makes her an easy going and very comfortable cruising yacht where one can feel at home any time.

The fact that she has got a steel hull and is insulated also allows to stay aboard in winter times or even to explore winter in Northern Scandinvia. In the summer the temperature inside is also a steady pleasant one. The current owners enjoyed many nice trips and longer aboard stays even in winter.




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